Friday, February 26, 2010


So I just found out about "Flexitrianism" ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I think labeling things or over labeling things turns me off to any cause or movement. Why can't people just be people? No we have to be Indie, veagans ,rockers, wasps, womps, n-words, white trash, hippie ,yuppie, WHO CARES! I am not saying that do not use this labeling system but, It has gotten me thinking about labeling and I think it has gone to far.
I think the need to label things creates radicals. I think that the category itself makes people live to the extreme of the categoery. If you are christion its not enough to live a good life you have to judge and bring as many people into the group as possible. If you are vegan but eat honey you are wait for it..... A BEEGAN REALLY!!!??? If you are a an artist you have to starve for you art and when you have commercial success you are a sell out. The older that I get the chances of life being an illusion sound more plausible to me then anything else and with that in mind then for me the thought that you have to be everything that a category tells you that you are is absurd. I think you can be a vegan and have honey once in a while I think you can be a musician and have a stable family and a home. I think that you can be a stripper and be a smart feminist at the same time.
I will you leave you with one of the best quotes of 2009 by Brother Ali "There is no you or me only us" At least I think that's how it goes you get the jist
Al keep it short!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday mornings.

I love Sunday mornings. I love them so much that I don't mind that I am at work during them. There is something about Sundays they seem to just move slower. It feels like everyone is just calm and peaceful. I think it is because we all grew up with this thought that Sunday is time for family, big meals, and getting ready for the next week. I find that I am very optimistic and by Friday I hate life. Anyway I am very grateful for Sundays and the feeling they give me.

Can everything be explained by logic and science?


Friday, February 19, 2010

That's what you get.

My friend Evan and I used to play madden all the time. We have played so much that I would try to do these out of the box moves to trick him and of course they would back fire and that would be the game.After every time that I would do that he would say that's what you get well Tiger that's what you get.
I really don't care that Tiger Woods cheated what really pisses me off is that he acted like he was above it all. When you put yourself on that type of pedestal you will fall and it will be fantastic just ask the christian right. I don't care if you screw every female on earth and snort blow but, recognize that you are human. Don't say I am a virgin I am looking at you Britteny spears or don't say that homosexuality is a sin I am looking at all Evangelical ministers that bash the gay community then find them selves in a a gay bar trying to get some ass for the night. I really wish that people would realize that life is a one shot deal that may or may not be real. Why pick on people who differ from your life style choice. Their are somethings that are just over the top my point is if you find yourself in the public eye admit that you are human once in a while then maybe the fall might not be so hard.

Why do people care about what other people think of them?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am sick of.....

You name it I am sick of it. I am sick of dogs, cats,politics,music, everything. I need a week or a weekend to re coupe and re asses. I am sick of people who say they are struggling but, then have a huge TV in their house or do more drugs then scare face. I am just sick of it.

Why do humans have the need to help?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Corporate Love day and Fostering Dogs.

So today is Corporate love day. I hate this for the simple fact that it seems that we need a store to reminds us how lucky we are that some of us have found love. Boooo I hope that I let my wife no everyday that I love her deeply. Also just because you are single does not make you a lesser person. I hate this day.

My wife and I began fostering dogs for a no kill shelter. Our first dog lasted one night because he was a dream. His name was Buck he did not jump on people sat like a champ and played ball like a champ. He was adopted within 2 hours of being at his adoption day. We got Judie last night who is built like a brick shit house. She is about 80 lbs. has no fat on her. She is super sweet but, hates Mingus and has a growler that would make superman pee himself. We think she is Half lab and Saint Bernard. So this dog who should scare people by sheer looks is scared to death by me. If I have something in my hand she runs up stairs. Luckily she loves my wife and is connected to her at her hip. The only bad part of this is that if she is with my wife she has to OK you before you get to her. She is getting better with Mingus and me but, It will be some work. So the point is if you want a dog to take your frustration out on.....SCREW YOU and tell me your address and, you can try it on a human. This makes me so mad all a dog wants is to be part of a pack and to be loved if you can't provide that then don't take on a dog.

Whats a Brick shit house?


Friday, February 12, 2010

Yet another Blog!

So I think that I was given a goldfish brain. I seem to be interested in twitter, blogging, and a bunch of other things for only about a week then I slide back into my loafer routine. Not this time my friends I vow today that I will try to at least post two post a week for a year. Why you ask? Just to prove to myself that I can. If you are here for masterful pros keep on walking but, if you want to see a average Joe flop and struggle and fail at the game of life then this blog is for you. I will try to post a question at he end of each post just to get you thinking out there.
The question for today.
Why is that people train for years to do a certain job and once they have obtained that job they feel the need to bitch about it? In other words why can't we just be happy?