Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and other thoughts on a Sunday Morning.

So it is Easter and I am at work. This in is not a bad thing or a good thing it is just a thing. This is the first Easter that I can remember that was not planned or talked about before hand. Its kind of nice. Easter makes me wonder about religion and life. Granted I am not a scholar on the subject but, the major religions seem so close together. I find it hard not to think that each religion is a variation on a theme. The theme being basically the Golden rule do on to others that you would like to have done to you. So why is that people feel the need to kill each other because some one was a prophet and one things he was god. How can you identify god? I still have the belief that Jesus was a pot smoking hippie that decided to help people and, because he was so open and loving to all people got scared and killed him. I really have a hard time with this idea that we as humans can recognize god. I just feel like the way that we see god is when we die.
Do you believe in a higher power?