Sunday, May 9, 2010

What do you mean this comes to an end?!

It has been a while since my last post. The family has been dealing with many issues mostly relating to our dogs Bonnie and Mingus. Bonnie has a urinary track infection and hookworms. Mingus has broken through a window and has some kind of rash that we have to take him in for. Along with that I put up a new fence with the help from my friend Al and I am in a new band called Echo Bubble.
We had my folks over last night for Mothers day and I got smacked with mortality. My parents persented me with their wills and health directives. It was a comfort and scary at the same time. It made me think about my own life and, how I will die some day. VERY SCARED OF DEATH! I would make a deal to live for ever if that really was an option. The thought of just not being anymore freaks me out.
All these thoughts about death and life brought me back to one thing music. I started thinking about how music has changed me and, how certain albums make me think about my life. One of those albums is "Blood on the tracks" by Bob Dylan. I feel like every song on that album makes sense to me and, certain times in my life. I have felted like I needed shelter from the storm and, needed comfort from a women. I have also thought about how life is has just been a simple twist of fate for me. I think everyone can relate to these themes but, they really hit home for me. I have a couple of other albums that I feel that strong about but, I will not be posting them all today.
With all these thoughts I have thought about what I want when I give up my ghost. Mostly silliness. A side bar I'm not planning on dieing for the next 40 years or more so everyone needs to just relax. I have just been thinking about it lately. I can't decide between "ride it big and tall" or "You can't say I didn't try" for my head stone. Both funny and both very much me. The other quote I think I will use for my autobiography and that would be "Tired and Horny" The Tony story. I made a joke the other day about how I want to be stuffed and movable like an action figure when I die. I think that it would be funny if I had a motion sensor in me that would trigger "I won't back down" by Tom Petty every time you walked by my stuffed body. I think that would be hilarious! Maybe its a little sick but, a little funny.

How would you like to be remembered?

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