Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boudoir Photos really?

So I know I have been behind in the blogging but, I intend to make this up. I have many friends that are photographers so I hope that I don not offend but, what the fuck is the appeal of paying for boudoir pictures to give to your partner? I just don't get it couldn't you spend that money on something else? I mean maybe some naughty underwear for example. I think it is just stupid "No honey I don't want to see you naked and have sex with you. I'm to busy looking at your mostly clothed body in some what sexy positions." REALLY!?! I also think that it is lame that young couples would want to do this. This lame trick is for people who have been married for like thirty years and going into the age where they are (for the most part) sexually obsolete.
Why does being sexy matter so much to us?


  1. I suppose there's something to the glamor of it. Or, maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're seeing your partner in a new, sexually-charged way. I dunno. There are worse sexual perversions, I suppose. Like Crisco and candle wax, for instance.

  2. You are right Kerz it just isn't my thing I guess.

  3. It's a "grand gesture." For both young and old. What makes it any different than anything else that people do for each other? It's a thought.

    From my experience these kinds of photos are something most women find hard and uncomfortable to do. It's not every day... etc. But by putting themselves in an uncomfortable position, both literally and not, they prove something to both themselves and the one they love. That they are worth it. It's mostly a 'thought that counts' gift. All men know what their wives look like naked.