Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you ever done spring on WEEEED?

So I was leaving the Childrens theater where I work and as I was going to my car when I was hit by a familiar smell. This smell reminds me of concerts,college and a place that I used to live. I look over in the car right next to me which was a brand new v dub was a middle age man smoking a jay. This man was totally an accountant by day stoned dad by night. He got freaked out when he noticed that I was parked right next to him. He hid everything and went in side hoping that I did not see him. All I could do was laugh at him. Poor guy just trying to get ready to go to his kids play and I had to mock him. I felt bad because he did not realize that the guy that caught him was so used to seeing and smelling that drug it was no big deal.
This incident got me thinking who are we kidding Weed is already legal and out there why don't we just put it on the books? It has become such a part of our culture accounts are doing it. Come on let the middle age dude smoke in peace.

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