Friday, February 19, 2010

That's what you get.

My friend Evan and I used to play madden all the time. We have played so much that I would try to do these out of the box moves to trick him and of course they would back fire and that would be the game.After every time that I would do that he would say that's what you get well Tiger that's what you get.
I really don't care that Tiger Woods cheated what really pisses me off is that he acted like he was above it all. When you put yourself on that type of pedestal you will fall and it will be fantastic just ask the christian right. I don't care if you screw every female on earth and snort blow but, recognize that you are human. Don't say I am a virgin I am looking at you Britteny spears or don't say that homosexuality is a sin I am looking at all Evangelical ministers that bash the gay community then find them selves in a a gay bar trying to get some ass for the night. I really wish that people would realize that life is a one shot deal that may or may not be real. Why pick on people who differ from your life style choice. Their are somethings that are just over the top my point is if you find yourself in the public eye admit that you are human once in a while then maybe the fall might not be so hard.

Why do people care about what other people think of them?

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