Friday, February 12, 2010

Yet another Blog!

So I think that I was given a goldfish brain. I seem to be interested in twitter, blogging, and a bunch of other things for only about a week then I slide back into my loafer routine. Not this time my friends I vow today that I will try to at least post two post a week for a year. Why you ask? Just to prove to myself that I can. If you are here for masterful pros keep on walking but, if you want to see a average Joe flop and struggle and fail at the game of life then this blog is for you. I will try to post a question at he end of each post just to get you thinking out there.
The question for today.
Why is that people train for years to do a certain job and once they have obtained that job they feel the need to bitch about it? In other words why can't we just be happy?

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